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Relaunched in 2015 the SAE Aero division of Utep has develop a large group of student interested in the aero field of engineering, with knowledge gain from the engineering courses Utep offers we engineer an aircraft capable of competing in the World Wide SAE Aero Competition.

Support Us

The UTEP chapter of SAE INTERNATIONAL prepares its members for an engineering career through professional and technical development activities. SAE recognizes that becoming an engineer takes more than simply attending classes. Our activities are carefully selected to improve our members’ preparation for professional success.

Your generous support is requested for the academic year 2016-2017 to impact, attract, and inspire new students and promote the engineering profession. This year we have set our aim on the 2017 SAE Mini Baja and Aero competition. For years, the UTEP Mini Baja & Aero team has been a successful program, performing well on both design and performance tests. We hope to continue the tradition this year by achieving a top status in the competition.

In addition to being recognized as SAE UTEP Chapter Sponsor, your donation is fully tax deductible as a gift to UTEP. Because it is a gift to UTEP, your company will be recognized by the Mechanical Engineering Department as well as the College of Engineering.

As we embark on our new season, we hope you will join us with your support in developing a promising vehicle. For more information, please read the sponsorship package. If you are interested in supporting us or should you have any questions feel free to contact us.